Artist Support Grants

The Artist Support Grant was created to provide direct support to individual artists during and following the COVID-19 pandemic. The initiative will fund professional artists to enhance their skills and abilities to create work, or to improve their business operations, and capacity to bring their work to new audiences.

Eligible artists include North Carolina residents who have resided in eastern North Carolina for at least one year in the following counties: Edgecombe, Greene, Nash, Pitt, Wayne, and Wilson. Artists can include musicians, dancers, filmmakers, actors, literary artists, as well as visual artists. The average grant award is between $500 and $1,000.

This project is supported by the N.C. Arts Council, a division of the Department of Natural & Cultural Resources. www.NCArts.org.


Application Information

Due Date: Thursday, September 30, 2021

After creating your profile, you will need to follow the steps below to start your application.

  • Navigate to the Current Programs & Applications tab to begin working on your application.
  • In the text field in the top right corner of the page that says “Invitational Password,” input the code ASG21 and press OK.
  • Artist Support Grant 2021-2022 should appear as the first program listed.
  • Click the START link to begin working on the form. (You may also save and continue later by clicking on EDIT once the application is started.)

Sample Application

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Artist Support Grants Facts & Guidelines

This program funds regional consortia of local arts councils that award project grants to artists in their regions. These grants support professional artists in all disciplines and at any stage in their careers to pursue projects that further their artistic developments. Types of fundable projects include:

  • Creation of a new artwork
  • Purchase of equipment
  • Professional development workshops
  • Travel support for expenses associated with participating in a professional exhibition or conference
  • Development or updating promotional materials (websites, brochures, DVDs, and CDs)

The North Carolina Arts Council grants fund to the regional consortia by weighing the history and breadth of artist demand in the region, and the amount of the proposed artist match, among other factors. The average grant to artists is between $500 – $1000.

Participating consortia promote the grant opportunity to the artists in their region, set specific regional guidelines in accordance with Arts Council guidelines, appoint a selection committee made up of arts professionals with expertise in disciplines under review, and facilitate the selection and award process. North Carolina Arts Council staff advises each regional consortium and attends selection panel meetings.

Pitt County Arts Council at Emerge serves as lead for the Eastern North Carolina regional consortium, and receives the Artists Support grant applications, schedules regional training sessions for artists, and manages the grant selection process. For more information, contact Holly Garriott, Executive Director, Pitt County Arts Council at Emerge, holly@pittcountyarts.org, 252-551-6947 or Sydney Steen, Creative Economies Coordinator, North Carolina Arts Council, sydney.steen@ncdcr.gov, 919-814-6524.

*Subject to overall dollar limits for the region.

Partner Organizations: Greene County Arts and Historical Society, Nash County Arts Council, Arts Council of Wayne County, and Arts Council of Wilson

2020-2021 Artists Support Grantees

Jacinda Aytch, Pitt County
Jessica Bradsher, Pitt County
Jerome De Perlinghi, Wilson County
Paula Jordan-Mayo, Pitt County
Jeff Bell, Wilson County
Ryan Harper, Pitt County
Rakia Jackson, Pitt County
Dale Bryce, Wilson County
Terri Campbell-Payton, Pitt County
Daniel Shirley, Pitt County
Quintin Mallette, Pitt County
Janelle Clevinger, Wilson County
Laronnieca Maye, Pitt County

2019-2020 Regional Artist Project Grantees

Breanna Kusnierczyk, Craven County
Mark Arnold, Pasquotank County
Donna Nyzio, Carteret County
Jerome De Perlinghi, Wilson County
Fay Davis Edwards, Dare County
Liz Steiner, Pitt County
Robin Haller,  Pitt County
Kathryn Osgood, Dare County
Rebecca Ives, Pitt County
Gabrielle Brant Freeman, Pitt County
Lipbone Redding, Beaufort County
Daniel Shirley, Pitt County
Bryan Conger, Pitt County
Ken Wyatt, Nash County

2018-2019 Regional Artist Project Grantees

Marilynn Barner Anselmi, Nash County
Naomi M. Berger, Currituck County
Teal Darkenwald, Pitt County
Dan Elliott, Pitt County
Kimberly Garland, Lenoir County
David Ingram, Pitt County
Margaret Grace Joyner,  Lenoir County
Gerard Lange, Wilson County
Gary S. Mitchell, Hyde County
Lisa Beth Robinson, Pitt County
Benoit Smith, Pitt County
Charity J. Valentine, Wayne County
Christina Lorena Weisners, Dare County

2017-2018 Regional Artist Project Grantees

Kelly Adams, Pitt County, Visual Art
Matt Amante,  Pitt County, Visual Art
Jason Coale  Pitt County, Theatre
Karen Lee Crenshaw,  Onslow County, Visual Art
Mica Joy Eanes, Duplin County, Visual Art
Jill Eberle, Craven County, Visual Art
Marnette Graff,  Hyde County, Literature
Tyler Griffin, Jones County, Music
Lesette Kornegay, Lenoir County, Music
Timothy Lazure, Pitt County, Visual Art
Marty Silverthorne, Pitt County, Literature
Donna Slade, Pamlico County, Visual Art
Suzanne "Spaine" Stephens, Pitt County
Michael Tahaney, Beaufort County, Music

2016-2017 Regional Artist Project Grantees

Raymond Alvarado, Onslow County, Printmaking
Scott Eagle, Pitt County, Painting
Michael Hill, Pitt County, Sculpture
Heather Muise, Pitt County, Printmaking
Donna Lee Nyzio, Carteret County, Painting
Kathryn Osgood, Dare County, Metal Design
Lisa Beth Robinson, Pitt County, Glass
Taylor Cefalo, Carteret County, Music
Joanna Reed, Bertie County, Literature
Barbara St. Amand, Dare County, Literature
Teal Darkenwald, Pitt County, Dance
Ken Wyatt, Nash County, Film

2015-2016 Regional Artist Project Grantees

Gabrielle Freeman,  Pitt County, Literary
Megan Oteri,  Wilson County, Literary
Matt Amante,  Pitt County, Visual Art
Andy Denton,  Pitt County, Visual Art
Erika Eagle, Pitt County, Visual Art
Mi-Sook Hur, Pitt County, Visual Art
Daniel Kariko,  Pitt County, Visual Art
Charles Mumford, Greene County, Visual Art
Wyatt Speight Rhue, Onslow County, Visual Art
Joshua Allen, Pitt County, Music
Martha Brown, Pitt County, Film