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First Name: Kara

Last Name: Everson

Email: everson.kara@gmail.com

Phone Number: 9197471393

Mailing Address: 1704 Yateley Lane Apex NC

Website: https://eversonk194349.myportfolio.com

Type Of Art: Visual arts

Genre Of Art: Illustration/Graphic Design

Activities: Commissions

As an artist, Everson enjoys creating art that comes natural to her. Drawing, painting, or embroidery; Whichever comes naturally to the topic. She loves being able to create freely like a child. Whether or not it’s a fun topic or somber, the ability to let her mind flow is always the goal. Everson has struggled with her mind taking control while creating for years. She has finally beaten through the walls and found happiness in her work through her classes at East Carolina University.

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