Artist Directory

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First Name: Terri

Last Name: Campbell Payton

Email: contact@gtacnc.org

Phone Number: 2527022908

Mailing Address: 629 Albemarle Ave, Greenville, NC 27858

Website: https://www.gtacnc.org

Type Of Art: Music

Genre Of Art: Visual Arts, Musical Arts, Performing Arts, Creative Arts, and Applied Arts.

Activities: Commissions, Performance Bookings, Volunteer Opportunities, Jobs, Teaching, Exhibitions, Art Sales, Festivals

The Greenville Theatre Arts Center (GTAC) was founded in 1992 in the heART of Greenville, NC. GTAC is a Non-Profit Organization established to educate, elevate, and expand the souls of inspiring artist and creative individuals through knowledge, experience, and resources that we provide within the community. We believe that every individual has a unique gift and that gift can be used not to only make the community a better place, but can make the world a more peaceful, artistic environment.

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