Artist of the Month

The Artist of the Month is a way for us to celebrate and highlight the talent from the local artists who sell work with us, by shining a spotlight on a different creative artist each month.

If you are interested in checking out Jacob's work feel free to stop by our gallery. You can find our gallery hours here. Not local? Check out our online sales gallery.

Jacob Herrmann


This work is about nostalgia and weakness; missed expectations and questioning values. The pots went through a process of post firing reduction/smoking that is more popularly referred to as "Raku". Due to the nature of this process the pots are not utilitarian. Please handle with care.


This body of work is functional and decorative Stoneware pottery. Most of Jacob's work is fired in wood burning kilns. The pots are fired from 24 to 92 hours where they reach maturity at about 2,400 degrees Fahrenheit. The pottery is directly exposed to flames and fly ash from the burning wood and the atmosphere of the kiln is recorded by the clay. It is these rich surfaces, laden with information and history, that captivates him. They tell a tale of metamorphosis of all the elements converging at one particular time and place.

Herrmann3                      Herrmann6                          Herrmann1